Topics of Interest

Topics of interest for the workshop include, but are not limited to, the following ones; contributions addressing multimedia streaming over ICN (in general) and/or CCN/NDN architecture design aspects in support of multimedia content dissemination (more specifically) will be of highest interest:

  • Video-on-demand applications, services, prototypes, and demos over ICN/CCN
  • Voice/video conferencing applications, services, prototypes, and demos over ICN/CCN
  • Novel multimedia applications, services, prototypes, and demos over ICN/CCN
  • Content adaptation and use of scalable media content in ICN/CCN
  • Media stream adaptation, bandwidth estimation, buffer management on ICN/CCN clients
  • Fairness in multimedia streaming over ICN/CCN
  • QoS and QoE mechanisms and metrics: impact on and interplay with ICN/CCN
  • Evaluation methodologies, in particular ICN/CCN simulation and experimental testbeds
  • DRM and its impact on or interplay with caching in ICN/CCN
  • Security and privacy issues for multimedia streaming over ICN/CCN
  • Multimedia content naming in ICN/CCN
  • Content-oriented routing protocols
  • ICN/CCN-specific media transport protocols
  • Content-aware resource management in ICN/CCN
  • Caching effects in ICN/CCN (probably unexpected and/or undesired)
  • Mobility management
  • Content-centric wireless and vehicular networks
  • Error and loss control and mitigation
  • Congestion detection and control
  • Forwarding and aggregation strategies
  • Replication and caching strategies
  • ICN/CCN deployment and scalability issues
  • Economics and business models
  • Limits and limitations of ICN/CCN architectures